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Health Information Management

Please note the Health Information Management program is no longer available to new students. 

McMaster University Continuing Education is discontinuing the Health Information Management program and is no longer accepting applications. Please refer to our new Health Information Fundamentals program for more information.

New Health Information Fundamentals program

McMaster Continuing Education is proud to offer a new modernized pathway into the health information management (HIM) profession, developed using the Canadian College of Health Information Management Health Information Fundamentals Curricular Standards, and recognized by the Canadian Health Information Management Association (CHIMA). This is in response to industry demand for certified professionals, as well as to appeal to people from other educational backgrounds who wish to join the profession.

The modernized pathway is for applicants who hold a degree (or are pursuing a degree) and who successfully complete a new program incorporating the curricular competencies identified for health information fundamentals. Successful students will be eligible to write the Certified Health Information Management (CHIM) national certification examination that grants the Canadian CHIM professional designation. A key benefit of this approach is the reduced time required to prepare for the certification examination and achieve the CHIM designation due to a focused, streamlined educational program.

Please visit the Health Information Fundamentals program website to learn more and apply today.

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CHALearning Coding Courses

Students enrolled in the HIM Plus program will be notified of the schedule and requirements to enrol in the  3 coding courses with CHALearning. Program permission is required prior to enrolling in the coding courses.

Upon successful completion of Coding I, Coding II and Coding III, 6 units of McMaster University academic credit will be awarded and applied towards the HIM Plus diploma.