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Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) Expert Training

Earn your Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) Expert certification

Microsoft Office is the world’s most popular suite of business productivity tools. Its Word, Excel and PowerPoint products set the standard for word processing, spreadsheet and data use and business presentations, respectively. This course offers hands-on exercises, in-depth course material, and supplemental video demonstrations to help you prepare for the MOS certification exams.

  • Prepare to earn your Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) Expert Certification
  • Flexible, online learning that you can complete at your own pace
  • Learn how to efficiently use the Microsoft Office suite and make an impact in any workplace

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Course highlights Learn More

  • Flexible online learning
  • Taught by industry experts
  • Prepare for certification exams

What you'll learn Learn More

  • Techniques to pass the Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) certification exams
  • Effective ways to use the Microsoft Office Suite in your workplace
  • Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, and Access

Learn More About Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) Expert Training

The process involved in earning a MOS certification provides advanced knowledge in the operations and functions of Microsoft Office Suite products.

MOS certificate holders are expected to understand and operate Microsoft Office products at a level of detail that exceeds that of an uncertified peer.

Studies indicate that MOS certification can lead to productivity enhancements for employees, contractors, and freelance experts. Higher levels of productivity are highly correlated to confidence and job satisfaction. Research suggests that MOS certification can lead to salary levels up to $16,000 higher than uncertified peers.

Many jobs require certification in one or all of the Microsoft Office products. MOS certification may lead directly to job opportunities in training or computer support, for example. Design or data-related positions may require certification in PowerPoint or Access.

MOS certification involves the following exams: MO-100 and MO-101 (Word), MO-200 and MO-201 (Excel), MO-300 (PowerPoint), MO-400 (Outlook), and MO-500 (Access) exams.