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Marketing & Communications

Marketing & Communications

Featured Programs

Project Management Learn More

Gain in-demand project management skills and get ahead.

Essential Programs - Learning for Professionals Learn More

Critical tools for today’s competitive business environment.

edXpress Learn More

Enjoy a variety of courses that range from the arts, literature, business, health and technology.

Video Marketing Register on
Partner Site

Learn how to dominate Google and YouTube with your video and to strategically use YouTube to market your business.

Explore our corporate training solutions

Bring professional development programs to your workplace. Get a custom needs assessment today!

Partner Courses

NonProfit Administration Register on Partner Site

Get the best training on revenue generation for nonprofits, and program evaluation for nonprofits, with our Certificate in NonProfit Administration.

Google Analytics Register on Partner Site

Understand your visitor traffic better, learn how to calculate return on investment (ROI) for your online advertising, and find out how to get more conversions and sales from your website visitors.

Career Counselor and Life Coach Learn More

Learn career development stages, planning fundamentals, and how to work with diverse audiences.

Business Writing Learn More

Understand the format, construction, and successful techniques of writing good business reports and proposals.

Effective Grammar Learn More

Improve your grammar, punctuation, and writing skills and enhance your communication skills.

Social Media for Business Learn More

Learn how social networks are used to develop a two-way communication and marketing strategy for your organization.

WordPress Learn More

Learn how to build and modify WordPress web pages by hand-coding, learn about simple yet effective search engine optimization (SEO) techniques that improve your website ranking, and much more.

Achieving Top Search Engine Positions Learn More

Gain the knowledge you need to boost website visibility with proven, step-by-step SEO strategies you can implement immediately.

Podcasting Learn More

Learn how to take your business or hobby and turn it into a podcast.

Beginning Conversational Spanish Learn More

Practice the basic building blocks of the language and common idiomatic expressions.

Mastering Public Speaking Learn More

Become an effective public speaker by discovering how to talk confidently and persuasively to both large and small groups.

Discover Sign Language Register on Partner Site

Understand the perspective of the hearing impaired through use of videos to demonstrate how to make signs and communicate by facial expression.

Grammar for ESL Learn More

This course is designed as an in-depth analysis of English grammar for intermediate to advanced English as Second Language college students.

Professional Interpreter Learn More

This course will enable you to develop the skills necessary to use your knowledge of languages to help other people communicate.

Professional Translator Learn More

Gain the skills you need to work as an English/Spanish translator and prepare for the American Translators Association (ATA) certification exam.

Speed Spanish Learn More

Learn six easy recipes to glue Spanish words together into sentences, and you will be engaging in conversational Spanish in no time.

Speed Spanish II Learn More

Follow-up to our popular Speed Spanish course with several new ways to help you build fluency.

Marketing Your Business on the Internet Learn More

Learn to incorporate SEO, advertising, email, social media, and more to develop an effective Internet marketing plan for your business even with little money to spend.


Marketing Your Nonprofit Learn More

Further the ideals and goals of your nonprofit by learning to compete more effectively for members, media attention, donors, clients, and volunteers.

Managing Customer Service Learn More

Discover some dynamite methods to bring out your best and do the same for the other people you work with as you serve as an ambassador for your company.

Using Social Media in Business Learn More

Learn how to use the five most popular social media platforms-Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Instagram-to grow and promote your business.


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