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Certificate of Professional Learning in The Science of Cannabis


Advance your skills with a Certificate of Professional Learning in The Science of Cannabis

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Courses (Complete all 3)

Click on the below videos to learn more about The Science of Cannabis program:

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The Science of Cannabis – Program Overview Learn More

Dr. James MacKillop, Director of the Peter Boris Centre for Addictions Research, and Director of the Michael G. DeGroote Centre for Medicinal Cannabis, oversees the course development for the Science of Cannabis program and provides a comprehensive overview of what participants can expect to learn.

Fundamentals of Cannabis Science – Course: SCC 101 Learn More

Dr. Michael Amlung discusess the importance of a well-rounded approach to understanding the chemistry and biology of cannabis.

Risks and Harms of Cannabis – Course: SCC 102 Learn More

Dr. Iris Balodis discusess how the course will review possible risks, harms, side effects and potential benefits of cannabis use and misuse.

Therapeutic Applications of Cannabis – Course: SCC 103 Learn More

Dr. Jason Busse discusess how to separate fact from fiction with regard to what therapeutic benefits cannabis can provide patients and how clinicians can better understand the research.