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Business Programs

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McMaster Continuing Education Project Management Program

Project Management Register Now

Advance your career with project management.

McMaster Continuing Education Human Resources Management Program

Human Resources Management Register Now

Gain the knowledge and expertise to get ahead in HR.

McMaster Continuing Education Accounting Program

Accounting Register Now

Pursue a career in managerial or financial accounting.

McMaster Continuing Education Business Administration Program

Business Administration Register Now

Get the business skills and knowledge top employers need.

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Health and Social Services Programs

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McMaster Continuing Education Applied Clinical Research Program

Applied Clinical Research Register Now

Your key to entering the rewarding field of clinical research.

McMaster Continuing Education Health Analytics Program

Health Analytics Register Now

Apply data analytics in the healthcare industry.

Health and Wellness Coaching Register Now

Build a rewarding career in health and wellness.

McMaster Continuing Education The Science of Cannabis Program

The Science of Cannabis Register Now

Be a critical thinker about cannabis use in healthcare and beyond.

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Marketing and Communications Programs

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McMaster Continuing Education Marketing Program

Marketing Register Now

Get the skills to make it in marketing.

McMaster Continuing Education Digital Marketing Program

Digital Marketing Register Now

Take your marketing career to the next level.

McMaster Continuing Education Full-Stack Development Program

Full-Stack Development Register Now

Become a full-stack developer for websites and online content.

McMaster Continuing Education Creative, Critical & Design Thinking Program

Creative, Critical & Design Thinking Register Now

Boost your problem-solving skills with thoughtful and innovative approaches.

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Technology and Data Programs

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McMaster Continuing Education Data Analytics Program

Data Analytics Register Now

Gain in-demand data analytics skills and earn a certificate.

McMaster Continuing Education Data Science Program

Data Science Register Now

Master digital data at an intermediate level for meaningful insights.

McMaster Continuing Education Big Data Programming & Architecture Program

Big Data Programming & Architecture Register Now

Uncover the hidden value of big data.

McMaster Continuing Education Open Source Intelligence Program

Open Source Intelligence Register Now

Harness the power of information to gain a competitive edge.

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Professional Development Programs

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McMaster Continuing Education Sustainability Program

Sustainability Register Now

Gain tools and techniques for sustainable living and working.

McMaster Continuing Education Mindfulness in Modern Society Program

Mindfulness in Modern Society Register Now

Explore modern and clinical applications of mindful practice.

McMaster Continuing Education Big Data Programming & Architecture Program

Cyber Security NEW Register Now

Your path to a new career in cyber security.

McMaster Continuing Education Essentials Program

Essentials Programs - Learning for Professionals Register Now

Gain skills for success with focused programs.

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